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The Punisher Comes to a TV Near You!

The Punisher has had two movie in the last 10 years that have left many of us wanting more from our buddy Frank. Pete Rogers and GC Rodriguez think the best medium for The Punisher would be the small screen. Take a look at what they think would be a good fit for the man in the black trench coat.

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AAR: Star Trek Into Darkness

In a new segment here at GGR, our resident crotchety old man Frank Landau is doing what we call an AAR. If you were ever in the military, you know that AAR stands for After Action Review, and that’s what these reviews are: a review after the fact, very after the fact. Frank is late to the party with recent movies and will review films that have been out for a while that he is just getting around to finally watching. His first review is Star Trek Into Darkness..

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