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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Review

"I have a sword and ride a Dinobot, you know you want to see that!"

"I have a sword and ride a Dinobot, you know you want to see that!"


By Dani Rogue


     Let me first start by saying I have no qualifications as a critic. I don't write or make movies, and I haven't worked on any productions since high school. I'm just a person. What I am, though, is a fan. Which is what makes this a difficult review. You guys. I LOVE THE TRANSFORMERS FRANCHISE. I know people like to hate on the Michael Bay machine, but I think there's a time and place for it and sometimes you want to go be entertained, to watch something mindless with explosions and a pretty girl and YOU GUYS, seriously, how do you make a movie about robots from outer space be something serious anyhow? Now. That being said. This movie was ok, but it left me a little sad. (Ladies, before you get too far into this, if you are just looking for a movie where Mark Wahlberg takes his shirt off, take your money and rent Date Night or you will feel cheated)

     Without giving away too much... Yes there are robots. No, you don't get much of the old plot line but you don't miss it. No, it doesn't overtly feel like any kind of reboot. In fact, it feels like the end without hitting you over the head. Yes, there are dinobots and they are contextually appropriate to their origin story, but you will wait an incredibly long time to barely see their abilities. The other reviews that basically said you get to see 2 hours of how dads can be awful? Also kind of true. I actually wished for less human plot line. It was pretty formulaic and you could figure everything out way in advance.

     The saddest part was that there was some rushed CGI. Now, I am not someone to notice such things normally, so when I tell you it was bad, you know it's legit. There were parts so bad my whole theater would laugh and it wasn't a joke sequence. The 3D was okay but didn't add anything life altering to the plot, so skip it. All in all, somewhat solid effort and worth the price of a matinee ticket.