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GGR Pirate Radio really exemplifies the "pirate radio" mantra. We talk movies, video games, relationships, comics, TV, sports, music and everything else under the sun. The only format: there is no format. All are welcome to talk about the thinks they “geek out” over as long as you follow the only rule: “don’t be a juicebag.”

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2019 Free Comic Book Day at Flashback Comics!

Mike and MC were lucky enough to be guests of Flashback Comics in Woodbridge, Virginia for Free Comic Book Day 2019! They spoke with event organizer Marc Lutz and special guest Jon St. John! Not only is Jon the voice of Duke Nukem, Big the Cat from Sonic Adventures, and Dusty from Rad Rodgers , he’s the face of NotCon at Sea! Check out his site right here to see where you can meet him yourself! Plus, we get a surprise appearance from Wes Johnson and his swattah!

Recorded live at Flashback Comics on May 4th, 2019.

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The Diner - With Emily Whitten

Mike and MC are joined “at the Diner” by author and well-versed geek, Emily Whitten. They discuss her upcoming graphic novel The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep, 90s music, meeting heroes, favorite sandwiches and french fries, Emily’s go-to VHS movies as a kid, and so much more. Give it a listen and hit up her website and pre-order a copy of her book today!

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Free Comic Book Day! Interviews with Jon St. John and Wes Johnson

Mike is live at Free Comic Book Day at Flashback: Comics in Woodbridge, Virginia. He gets the pleasure of interviewing Wes Johnson, the arena announcer of the Washington Capitals and a very accomplished voice actor! Plus, Mike gets to meet Jon St. John in person and does a sit down interview with him as well! 

Recorded live at Flashback: Comics on May 5th 2018.

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