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GGR Pirate Radio really exemplifies the "pirate radio" mantra. We talk movies, video games, relationships, comics, TV, sports, music and everything else under the sun. The only format: there is no format. All are welcome to talk about the thinks they “geek out” over as long as you follow the only rule: “don’t be a juicebag.”

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Geek Sheets - GOT, Arrow and Avengers

Mike, Steve, MC and special guest Ulysses E. Campbell discuss the month’s geeky/nerdy news. Topics include: the Game of Thrones prequels, the impact on tourism the show has had, Mike catching up on “The Arrow,” the two Avengers games coming out in 2020, and Avengers: Endgame adding some post-credit scenes and their push for the #1 box office record.

Recorded June 21st, 2019 via Skype.

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Year In Review Part 1: Sports, Video Games & Music

Mike, Steve, MC, and Rambo discuss their favorite moments from 2018. First up is sports, video games, and music.

Recorded Friday December 28th, 2018 via Skype.

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GGR Pirate Radio - Nostalgia November: Best Year Ever?

Mike and Steve have guests MC Brooks, Ulysses E. Campbell and James Rambo on the show to discuss the “best year ever” when it came to movies, TV, sports, music, comics and video games.

Recorded at the Circuit City Memorial Studios on November 9th, 2018.

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Best Video Games of the 2000s

Mike, Steve, MC and guest C-Gats discuss their favorite video games of the first decade of the 2000s.

Recorded at the FXBG Public Radio Studios on Friday October 26th, 2018.

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Free Comic Book Day! Interviews with Jon St. John and Wes Johnson

Mike is live at Free Comic Book Day at Flashback: Comics in Woodbridge, Virginia. He gets the pleasure of interviewing Wes Johnson, the arena announcer of the Washington Capitals and a very accomplished voice actor! Plus, Mike gets to meet Jon St. John in person and does a sit down interview with him as well! 

Recorded live at Flashback: Comics on May 5th 2018.

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The Best Video Games Part 2

ike and Steve and briefly joined by JDilla to discuss their favorite video games of all time. They also move into a discussion of how the technology has changed in their lifetime. 

Recorded January 12th, 2018 via Zencastr. 

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The Best Video Games Part 1

Mike is joined by JDilla (check out her show E-Pop on iTunes!) to talk about their favorite video games system by system. They also discuss trends in retro gaming and the gaming worlds of today. 

Recorded January 12th, 2018.

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