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Top 5 Video Games of 2015


     So here we are, another year down. Now it’s time for a fun look back at some of the great games that came out this year. Now remember, this list is my opinion and there are games that I myself did not play this year. If you feel like I left one of those off the list, that probably why. If you're really salty about it, write your own list and GGR would be happy to publish it.  Let us get the ball rolling with number 5, which ironically enough has that in the name already.



Awwww...he thinks he's people! *pats dog on head* *Dog pulls a knife* OK, easy's all cool, baby.

Awwww...he thinks he's people! *pats dog on head*
*Dog pulls a knife* OK, easy's all cool, baby.

This game was great, from both a technical standpoint (it plays better and smoother than past games) and visually it is gorgeous. This 5th installment into the Metal Gear series is a welcome addition to the ones that came before it. Blending the gameplay changes made in MGS4 and adding in an open world element that allows you to tackle missions how ever you see fit, is an awesome change to the everyday stealth shoot genre.



Arena brawler with Blizzard's finest? HELL YEAH!

Arena brawler with Blizzard's finest? HELL YEAH!

I love Blizzard games and am a huge fan of the universes they've made. So when I heard last year they were going to make a MOBA version bringing in all the characters I love and hate I was like HELL YEAH! (MOBA means Multi-player Online Battle Arena for the unitiated) But more importantly it delivered a solid game with a nice twist on the already huge MOBA world adding map objectives to the game rather than the standard push lane and win objective. This change up made the game feel fresh and new all over again, plus who doesn’t want to play as the Lich King and crush some kid playing as Lili the Panda? #PandaskilledWow #nowigetmyrevenge.



it's a "Wicked Pissah" 

it's a "Wicked Pissah" 

Again, totally not a biased pick just 'cause I am from Boston, but this game is in friggin' BOSTON (insert thick accent here)! Fallout 4 was a like that hidden gift you find on your birthday. It was announced at E3 in June and came out in November, just 4 months later. Now the game does not bring much to its engine and it may be time for them to give it a face lift, but the game play and changes they made to the system has made this the most fun version from a combat perspective. It actually felt like I could survive in combat without having to spam VATS (even though I still use it a crap ton). The game is wicked awesome in this area plus seeing a post-apocalyptic Boston was really cool, now if they just go in and make the dialogue options better…



"Got my my saw-blade-axe-scythe's not going to be enough is it?"

"Got my my saw-blade-axe-scythe's not going to be enough is it?"

 This game….this game has some of the coolest looking weapons and world in which it is set is incredible, but DAMN was it a bastard at times. Bloodborne is the spiritual successor to the Soul games, and boy do they continue the tradition of “hey you just died, hope enjoy fighting and clawing your way back to the sack of crap that killed you for a second bout, careful not to….oh looks like you fell off the edge… didn’t really need those blood echoes right?” I don’t know what I enjoy more about this game; the gothic London look, or the evil yet amazing looking weapons that are within the game waiting to be tried and mastered. This game has me coming back time and time again to explore its twisted beauty.



This game had a minuscule budget compared to some big name titles that flopped. Way to go WItcher 3! 

This game had a minuscule budget compared to some big name titles that flopped. Way to go WItcher 3! 

I mean, come on! We knew this was coming. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, and every time they pushed it back it was like torture, but it was all worth the wait, The Witcher 3 is the total package if you are looking for a dark fantasy open world game. It has great RPG options and the most polished combat in the Witcher series yet.  This game promised a great many things to occupy your time and quest log, the best part was that it delivered on these promises while hitting everything you would expect from a AAA title. It's visually stunning, it possesses fun yet hard combat, a rich soundtrack, and quests where a choice can actually affect the world...and it doesn’t get revealed for 4/5 hours! You find out when you’re in town looking to sell some useless crap you accidentally picked up that your small choices make a huge impact. Wow! The Witcher 3 hits all these high points and even a few I probably forgot that’s why it’s my pick for best game of 2015.



Honorable Mentions:


Dying Light

This game just got edged out by MGS5, but I had a ton of fun playing this game, especially with friends. It took me a while to even pick it up since it was made by the studio who did Dead Island (shakes fist angrily). To my surprise, I had a crap load of fun running, jumping, and climbing around this island all the while killing zombies with my electric machete. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good FPS with zombies. OH and the guns actually were useful! Thanks again Dead Island.


Destiny-The Taken King

I know, I know. Technically, Destiny came out last year and man was this game a SUPER let down on what they promised. However, that all changed when TTK came out this year. This content breathed new life into this dying game and made it fresh and fun again. Adding new weapons, armor, strikes and a raid, but more importantly, it actually gave us a story with an enemy we can see and hate. Good for you Bungie, learning from your mistakes.


Batman Arkham Knight

The third entry into Rocksteady’s Arkham series was huge, fun and brought all the iconic villains together for one last hurrah. The game's two crutches however were the heavy emphasis on the bat car (yeah I get it, new toy they want to show it off, but I can only do tank defense so many times against unmanned drones) and a villain who was supposed to be a fresh enemy we have never seen before…….yet it was just Jason Todd in a different outfit OOPS! Should I have said spoiler? These two details are what held it back from making the list.



Alright guys, that's going to do it for 2015's Top Video Games. I'm looking forward to what 2016 will bring us, I may even have a preview for you early next year. Enjoy your holidays, hope they're a "wicked pissah." 


Al Futso is GGR's newest Video Game Consultant. 


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