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We all have a show, a movie, a video game or a book that meant a lot to us when we were kids. This is the spot just for that; a chance to get sentimental about our past. 


Nostalgia November: Hook

by Mike Lunsford, Editor-In-Chief

Hook is easily my favorite Robin Williams movie. Is it his best? Is it his funniest? No. But it's my favorite. I remember fondly seeing this movie in the theaters with my late Grandmother. She even bought it for me on VHS when it came out at Blockbuster (because I bugged her about it every day for a week when it came out). And that is what Nostalgia November is all about; remembering things fondly from the past and gushing about it.  

When you pull back the layers, Hook is essentially about a creepy old man and his gang of pirates trying to stab children with swords. There is much more to this movie than that, but it does make you wonder how all of this pirates vs lost boys thing started. All that being said, Hook still holds its own today. It is exciting, touching and gives a great what if scenario: what if Peter Pan grew up? 

We all know the story, but humor me as I give it a brief recap: 

Boring, career-obsessed, child-neglecting Peter Banning is in England to see his wife's grandmother (Wendy) receive a life time achievement award for her work with orphans. While the adults are at the banquet, the Banning children are abducted in their sleep by an unseen force.

When the parents return and are horrified to see what has happened, they see a "ransom" note penned by none other than Captain Hook. It is at this point that Grandma Wendy reveals that Peter Banning is none other than Peter Pan himself. Grandma Wendy was the original girl he took to Neverland all those years ago. Peter refuses to believe it and does what any well adjusted adult would do, drinks himself stupid. 

That night, Tinkerbell flies to London and tries to convince Peter of his identity. This fails as he thinks he's hallucinating. So Tink does what any reasonable pixie would do: she assaults Peter then knocks him out and shanghais him to Neverland. 

she can take me to Neverland any time...I mean...uhhhh

she can take me to Neverland any time...I mean...uhhhh

Once Peter wakes up and realizes he is in Neverland and it's not a hangover, he finds that Captain Hook has his kids. The only way he can save them is if he fights the one handed pirate to the death in 3 days time. Tinkerbell assures Hook that she will have Peter in fighting shape as, at this point, he is paunchy and doesn't even believe he is, in fact Peter Pan. But fine-ass Julia Roberts and her band of missing children will fix that, won't she?

The Lost Boys look at the 30-something, flabby Peter and insist he can't be Peter Pan. There's no way this old man is their former compatriot. But one little boy stays back. He looks at Peter, takes his glasses off, squishes his face until he gets a smile and says "Oh there you are Peter!"  That never made me tear up or was dust or light in my eyes or something...SHUT UP!



Other moments of note:

  • Jack, Peter's son, showing his frustration and sadness at his father never being there for him

  • Peter finding the old tree house hideout and remembering everything. And when he finally gets his happy thought and goes flying through the sky (the John Williams score sells it) and crows with all of the Lost Boys.

  • Rufio getting baited into fighting Hook in that creepy pedo-voice("Rufio...RoooFeeOH") and then taking a blade to the heart and saying to Peter "my wish was that I had a Dad like you." Damn, win our hearts by being all cool and mohawk-y and sullen teenager and then you die...

  • Dustin Hoffman KILLS it as Captain Hook. He's funny, he's imposing, and downright terrifying (like in the above bullet point). Hoffman and Williams have a great hero/villain dynamic that if not perfect could have ruined this movie. Not only is his interaction with Robin Williams wonderful, Bob Hoskins as Smee is great as well. The Hook and Smee scenes are hilarious and give this movie another layer. RIP Bob Hoskins.

  • Peter's final conversation with the Lost Boys. The one kid saying "you're leaving forever, and forgetting about us all over again," and then Thud getting the Sword of Pan as the new leader of the Lost Boys.

  • Toodles gets his bag of marbles in the end. The look on his face as he exclaims "Wendy, look! I didn't loose my marbles after all!" is priceless.

This movie defines nostalgia for me. Any time I think of it I remember the movie theater trip or watching this with my little brother in our basement or hanging out with high school friends and enjoying it. Dustin Hoffman was great as Captain Hook. Bob Hoskins was delightful as Mr. Smee. Julia Roberts gave a new depth to the Tinkerbell character and absolutely nailed the sassy pixie attitude. Also, her in a short leather dress brought up...feelings as a kid. It might be why I have a thing for girls who cosplay as fairies. And of course, Robin Williams as Peter Banning/Peter Pan. We unfortunately lost Robin Williams a few years ago. Watching this movie just reminds me of how great he was. As an adult, I can see why they chose him for this role. No actor could possibly have portrayed both scary, butt-hole father and the child who never grows up all in the same role. Instead of being saddened by his loss, I am just thankful for what he gave us. 

bangarang old man, bangarang.

bangarang old man, bangarang.