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GGR Pirate Radio

GGR Pirate Radio really exemplifies the "pirate radio" mantra. We talk movies, video games, relationships, comics, TV, sports, music and everything else under the sun. The only format: there is no format. All are welcome to talk about the thinks they “geek out” over as long as you follow the only rule: “don’t be a juicebag.”

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Geek Sheets, Iron Fist Season 2 Review and Hill Hippie

Ruby Slippers found, Tarantino on Star Trek, Domhnall Gleeson talks in his sleep, an Iron Fist S2 review and the Hill Hippie from FXBG Public Radio!

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Marvel Netflix State of the Union

Mike and Steve are joined by MC Brooks and guest Ulysses E. Campbell to talk about the Marvel Netflix Universe. Is the 13 episode model working well for these shows? Can they be improved? What would you like to see going forward? The quartet discuss it all. 

Recorded at the FXBG Public Radio Studios on August 24th, 2018.

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Best Comic Book Moments

Mike and Steve are joined by ROCKDEEP ROGUE RADIO broadcaster MC Brooks and artist James Rambo to discuss their favorite comic book moments. Towards the end of the episode, the "council" discusses fast food restaurants and delicious food. 

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Bonus Episode: Somewhere Out There - a joint venture from GGR and FXBG Public Radio

For the premiere of Somewhere Out There, Mike on the Mic and EK the DJ discuss the 27 Club: an infamous list of celebrities who died at the age of 27. They also discuss TV theme songs, Betty White, Stan Lee, Dave Coulier, Alanis Morissette and so much more. Somewhere Out There is a podcast about the unexplained, the supernatural and beyond. 

Recorded at the FXBG Public Radio Studios on May 9th, 2018. 

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