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GGR Pirate Radio really exemplifies the "pirate radio" mantra. We talk movies, video games, relationships, comics, TV, sports, music and everything else under the sun. The only format: there is no format. All are welcome to talk about the thinks they “geek out” over as long as you follow the only rule: “don’t be a juicebag.”

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New Project! "Tinfoil Enthusiasts" Conspiracy Theories

Through a joint venture of GGR: The Great Geek Refuge and FXBG Public Radio, we present to you Tinfoil Enthusiasts: a podcast about conspiracy theories, aliens, the paranormal, the weird, the unexplained and so much more. It is hosted by Mike Lunsford of GGR and EK the DJ from FXBG Public Radio. 

For the premiere episode they are joined by the lovely and talented Jaimie and Bri from That One Time I Was Abducted By Aliens. They talk about their favorite conspiracy theories, ranging from Marilyn Monroe's death, Kurt Cobain's "suicide," 9/11, to the JFK assassination. The topic of time travel and aliens come up multiple times as well... and so much more. 

Recorded live at the FXBG Public Radio Studios April 25th, 2018. 

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The State of Geekdom - BONUS CONTENT!!

Mike and Steve are joined by Fantastic Forum's Ulysses Campbell to discuss the state of geekdom: will the 'Golden Age' eventually die? Is there anything to the fan-boy fervor over inclusivity at the expense of continuity? Join our trio as they discuss these topics and more! 

This bonus content episode includes Mike, Steve and Ulie discussing sports before they dive into the "State of Geekdom."

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