The Great Geek Refuge
"Don't be a juicebag"

What is GGR?

Curious what GGR is and what it means? Give this page a read! 


Mike Lunsford and Steve Monnich had an idea: a website that was a place for people to discuss the things that they "geek out" about: Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, sports, movies, TV shows, comics, music and anything else. It would be just like your basement when you were a kid, your dorm room when you were in college or any other place you took "refuge" from the real world where you can't discuss these things.

After a few years of searching other avenues and trying some different things, Mike and Steve are back. The new and improved GGR is going to be a place for everyone to showcase their talents. If you're an artist, a writer, a podcaster, or just a geek who loves talking about the things they are passionate about, we will gladly give a forum. 

Here is our original mission statement from 2014! :-D 

The internet is the greatest tool of our generation. I can say that confidently even though most of it inundated with porn and pictures of cats speaking English poorly. It allows us to communicate freely with friends, family and even strangers who live in remote parts of our world. It allowed us to know about an awful Samuel L Jackson movie and it’s ridiculous title before it comes out, it lets you have a voice with the FCC about Net Neutrality and crash their website, and it even allows you to order a pizza and watch it enter the oven, see the name of the person making it and when it’s left the restaurant to be delivered to you! It’s an amazing thing. It’s shaping everything we say and do so much so that people’s entire lives revolve around their online interactions.

"Wait...I'm a big enough star that I DON'T have to take every script?"

"Wait...I'm a big enough star that I DON'T have to take every script?"

I am here before you all, people of the internet, to say that I want to have a place where people can freely state their opinions about the things we all interact with; movies, music, television, internet videos, comics, sports, and everything else important in our lives without being beaten down by media bias, sycophantic fan boys or internet trolls who only seem to enjoy making other people’s lives miserable. This isn’t about ratings, this isn’t about telling a celebrity on twitter that they suck, and it’s especially not about some ulterior motive; it’s about being mature adults who can express their opinions without turning those beliefs into personal attacks. There seems to be so much rage and anger in our world that it would be nice to be able to discuss the things we love and share them without fear of someone telling them to “shut up.” Everyone gets a voice, regardless of whether you think they’re wrong or stupid or irreverent. Will this all be sunshine and rainbows? HELL NO! But we can voice our opinions and viewpoints like caring, compassionate human beings.

What is GGR? It stands for "The Great Geek Refuge." The Great Geek Refuge is like a sleepover at your best friend's house in middle school; You don't have to be afraid to admit you like comic books, that you secretly know every word to the dialogue of Empire Strikes Back, or that you teared up when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII. We're all friends here.

I...I...I got something in my eye.

I...I...I got something in my eye.

This is a place to get away from talking about work or school or anything other than what you really want to talk about. Hence the name "Refuge." Just remember this; All view points are respected and encouraged. Hate, ignorance and intolerance are not. Criticism is fine but like Doctor Bob, the famous New Orleans artist has posted on his property; “Be Nice or Leave.” We came up with our own version of this phrase, too. "Don't be a juicebag."

Take a look around! We got some great stories in the Article Gallery. Keep checking back with us, we'll be adding new content all the time. Our door is always open, so if you got something you want to talk about, let us know!

What has changed since 2014? We're a little older, a little wiser but more importantly our resolve to be a refuge for all is galvanized. Our renewed focus will be on sharing the passion of artists, writers, podcasters, musicians and everyone else. You'll still get the same pop-culture commentary on GGR: Pirate Radio and in our articles. You'll still have a place to read about the nostalgia of our childhood. None of that changes. This time around though, we are going to be growing the right way: by sharing the incredible work that our friends and colleagues and putting out.