The Great Geek Refuge
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GGR: The Great Geek Refuge

GGR: The Great Geek Refuge

We're BAck!!


It all started in 2014...

Mike Lunsford and Steve Monnich had an idea: a website that was a place for people to discuss the things that they "geek out" about: Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, sports, movies, TV shows, comics, music and anything else. It would be just like your basement when you were a kid, your dorm room when you were in college or any other place you took "refuge" from the real world where you can't discuss these things.

After a few years of searching other avenues and trying some different things, Mike and Steve are back. This time, they're bringing some of the other GGR contributors they met along the way: Andy, Zombie Ben, JDilla and more. The new and improved GGR is going to be a place for everyone to showcase their talents. If you're an artist, a writer, a podcaster, or just a geek who loves talking about the things they are passionate about, we will gladly give a forum. For now, this is our new website but be prepared for the big announcement when the site goes live. 



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